Hardly Working

Why do I have so many different sites? Because I have ADD (Always Doing Disorder). That’s right if I sit still too long I implode like a supergiant star under the weight of my own boredom.And we all know what happens when you’re within a few light years of one of those explosions.

Anyway, my photography site is up and running although I’m still adding pictures. Don’t worry, I’m not going to post all 8.5 billion photos on my hard drives. Probably only about 1.2 billion. But seriously, go look at it because it will justify my sleepless nights…and you may like what you see.




The aviation site is still being filled with older papers and articles that were written over the past few years. I’m not a hack so they’re all being updated and most are getting snazzy photos from my collection so they stand out better. After all, with 27 inch LCD screens, who wants to see just text? If you like flying small planes, hate being crammed into big planes or like watching fighter jets and aerobatic performers at airshows, then you’ll find plenty there to keep you happy. No link yet, but here’s a cool afterburner shot.

The invention/design site is a little further behind. I need to start photographing different projects and finishing the prior art studies before posting anything. I’m not afraid of anyone running off with my ideas, but I really don’t feel like someone having an obscure patent that they haven’t done anything with and then trying to sue me for $9.67 because I didn’t mention them in the product origins/abstract. 

Music website? Ha! It’ll be a while before that one gets finished. But it’s only because I want it to look presentable. Sure I could slap anything together with a couple of songs and go “Here you go! Poop sandwich on rye!” But I don’t do that because I care about you. So y’all have to wait. Or watch this video of me improvising on acoustic while wearing an AOPA hat.


Finally the personal training website is ready to launch on Wednesday. Those of you who know me personally understand that I enjoy working out, but am also lazy (read: efficient). I take elevators instead of stairs, I’ll wait an extra 45 seconds to get a close parking spot rather than walk (especially in winter) and if I can’t find the remote control, then I will endure 2am infomercials until I fall asleep or gouge my eyes out, whichever comes first.

How can I train people you ask? Don’t I have to run around like crazy and motivate them? Nah, not really. A person who is calm in life is not suddenly going to change just because they have to exercise. Likewise a person who is high-strung is not going to suddenly Namaste-out and find their heart center just because they watch a yoga tape. I train the individual based on their personality. I don’t yell at my clients because quite frankly, if someone wanted to get screamed at, they would have joined the military, or been casted for a reality competition show (Gordon Ramsey, I’m looking at you). Most importantly, by teaching my clients why they’re doing what they’re doing, they end up understanding more about their own bodies and being able to take greater responsiblity for whatever they choose to do in life.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m going back to hardly working.


About Christopher Williams

Co-Founder of Whelan & Williams Industries Inc. Sole proprietor of Liftlazy. Photographer, musician, writer, pilot and all around good guy to know.
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2 Responses to Hardly Working

  1. Booyah! I found someone who’s making an inventor blog. You should send me the url to that. It sounds cool.

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