Natural Nukes

Since I haven’t left anything on the superweb interhighway for a month, here’s something to hold you over for the next month (or maybe less).

Normally photos go onto Art & Science but since I’m too busy (or lazy depending on your perspective) to edit these particular pictures, here they are pretty much untouched. Okay there’s a slight crop on one and on another I went crazy with increasing foreground shadow but it didn’t take more than 2 minutes total. Am I allowed to say that? I know a lot of people want you to think it takes hours to do this stuff but if you have a good subject (sunset illuminated thunderstorms), understand light (I do), have an idea what you’d like to express with the finished product (I did), and don’t mind bracketing like a madman (I don’t), it only takes the time to press the shutter button.

So there you go, natural explosions in slow motion. See you in 30 days.

Lighting by Sunset
Hair and Makeup by Lifted Index
Wardrobe by Condensation Nuclei

About Christopher Williams

Co-Founder of Whelan & Williams Industries Inc. Sole proprietor of Liftlazy. Photographer, musician, writer, pilot and all around good guy to know.
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