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CWords Of Wisdom: Paddle & Ride (December 18, 2013)

Opportunities are waves. You can stand on the shore and watch others ride, or you can paddle out and get your own.   Hang loose.       Advertisements

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CWords Of Wisdom: Appreciate Movement (December 13, 2013)

Thankful does not mean content. Imagine you are lost in the desert with only a few drops of water to keep you alive. After 4 days, a search party finds you leaning against a saguro cactus barely conscious. They give … Continue reading

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How Men Shop

While training one of my clients, they asked about my plans after Thanksgiving. This is an exact transcript.   Client: “Are you going to go shopping on Black Friday?” Me: “Hell no. I’m a man. I do all my shopping … Continue reading

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Shareholders Vs Engineers

I really wonder about the stock market sometimes. Every day they’re either nervous or optimistic about some random event that might affect the economy specific to their particular investments. Snowstorm in Alaska? Better sell all the king crab futures you can. … Continue reading

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Big Boy Moves To Frisco

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6 String Reclamation Project

I love music. Composing, performing, listening and studying it all are pastimes of mine (probably beyond pastime status but who cares, its just a label). One thing that is annoying me is the lack of powerful guitar-based music today. Yes, … Continue reading

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More Evening Flying

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Songs To Save By

During CPR training this week, the instructor reminded everyone that the tempo for compressions is the musical equivalent of 100 beats per minute. And that the song Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees has the correct beat for administering CPR. I’m sure that’s … Continue reading

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Sunset: July 13, 2013

Two more reasons I like going up.

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Happy America Day

View of Kaboom Town fireworks from the US Sport Aircraft hangar party.  

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Doppler Based Fujita Ratings

Several recent tornadoes have been given official ratings via radar scans, the practice causing a bit of a stir in the meteorological community. The massive El Reno, Oklahoma tornado was classified as an EF-5 based on a Doppler radar indicated … Continue reading

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CWords Of Wisdom: Empty Search (May 27, 2013)

If you can’t identify what you’re looking for, don’t get mad when you never find it.          

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Mt St Helens Day

On this day 33 years ago, Mt. St Helens exploded in Washington state, creating an ash cloud that blocked out the sun, pyroclastic flows that leveled forests and mudflows that choked rivers. Nature is feisty. Mount Saint Helens information page … Continue reading

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Singularity Syndrome

We can learn a lot from the stars.      

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Wings and Feet

What did I do this weekend? Looked at airplanes I can’t afford and ran a 5k like I knew what I was doing. Each event can be read about in light detail by clicking the links in the following summaries. … Continue reading

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Clean Up Your Cleans

New article up on my fitness site. Avoid some of the more common errors in doing cleans and actually make progress. Just read It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning for a sport, for fun or for Crossfit. Not using … Continue reading

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TFR Wednesday

I understand the importance of protecting our leaders from things like hang gliders, model rockets and radio controlled airplanes. But isn’t this getting a little ridiculous? In case you are wondering, that’s a 60 nautical mile wide VIP Temporary Flight … Continue reading

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Watertower Sunset

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Haven’t done a lot of photography lately but here are a few new ones. Taken on a hill in Carrollton, TX…obviously, facing west. The only alterations were cropping and slight contrast enhancement on the day/night terminator photo. Feel free to … Continue reading

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Dallas Skyline

One of these days we’ll do a city tour at 1700 feet but until then, enjoy this. Taken just north of I-635 looking south. Click for the full res image.

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Just Because It’s Viral Doesn’t Make It Right: Harlem Shake

Out of 214,976,185 reported cases of Harlem Shakes, over 93% have been diagnosed to be Harlem Siezures. Please, do it right people.         Thank you.

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