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Shareholders Vs Engineers

I really wonder about the stock market sometimes. Every day they’re either nervous or optimistic about some random event that might affect the economy specific to their particular investments. Snowstorm in Alaska? Better sell all the king crab futures you can. … Continue reading

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Big Boy Moves To Frisco

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Doppler Based Fujita Ratings

Several recent tornadoes have been given official ratings via radar scans, the practice causing a bit of a stir in the meteorological community. The massive El Reno, Oklahoma tornado was classified as an EF-5 based on a Doppler radar indicated … Continue reading

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Wings and Feet

What did I do this weekend? Looked at airplanes I can’t afford and ran a 5k like I knew what I was doing. Each event can be read about in light detail by clicking the links in the following summaries. … Continue reading

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TFR Wednesday

I understand the importance of protecting our leaders from things like hang gliders, model rockets and radio controlled airplanes. But isn’t this getting a little ridiculous? In case you are wondering, that’s a 60 nautical mile wide VIP Temporary Flight … Continue reading

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Help Prevent Another Airspace Grab

All those in the North Texas aviation industry should be aware of the impending changes to the DFW class B airspace. Of most concern is the lowering of the class B to 2500 MSL over Addison airport. Currently, Addison’s class … Continue reading

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Jet (Up)Set

My biggest passion is aviation. I love it even more than photography, music and being right 97% of the time. I also enjoy creating lengthy treatises on topics near to my heart. As a result, I wrote this article to shed light on some … Continue reading

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3 Questions To Ask Before Designing An Airplane

(This article is from my aviation page, Since the current site you’re on is called EverythingCW and flying is a major part of CW, I’m reposting it here. Yes I can do that). What we’ll do in this series … Continue reading

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I Have Thumbs For A Reason

Texting while driving is the new most dangerous thing to do while driving. When I was growing up, it was drinking alcohol. Our school had visits from Students Against Drunk Driving and police officers to enlighten us as to the … Continue reading

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