Help Prevent Another Airspace Grab

All those in the North Texas aviation industry should be aware of the impending changes to the DFW class B airspace. Of most concern is the lowering of the class B to 2500 MSL over Addison airport. Currently, Addison’s class D is up to but not including 3000 MSL, which given the airport’s elevation only leaves 2356 feet of space to work with. In order to stay 1,000 feet above congested areas, this means only 1356 feet are open for transients, departures and arrivals. If the airspace change goes through, there would only be 856 feet of space for aircraft ranging from Gulfstream Vs to B-29s (yes, Fifi is based at Addison). The amount of fractional, corporate, cargo, charter and flight training activity at Addison makes it the busiest GA airport in Texas and one of the top 5 GA airports in the nation.

In my usual caustic opinion, this method of managing traffic is just lazy. Instead of utilizing the 8000 feet of vertical space in the class B above Addison’s airspace, they’re opting to just bring aircraft heading to Dallas Love in lower. Vectoring Love’s traffic off to the west may help but would most likely add flight time to those arrivals. Provided the vector was given when the aircraft were still far enough back from the final approach course (basically I-35 in visual conditions), the extra time would not be substantial. However, by sending Love arrivals further to the west, there may be conflicts with Dallas/Fort Worth arrivals from the south when the terminal area is in a south flow (Cedar Creek Six STAR).

There is a wasteful habit in use nationwide of bringing turbine powered arrivals into a terminal area at relatively low altitudes in excess of 30nm away from the destination airport. The standard reason given is to provide separation between arrivals and departures. Given the performance of most modern jets and the unique inbound/outbound deconfliction already in place here in the DFW class B, this argument is without logic.

Another reason given, usually by pilots, is that jets need to configure early to be set up for the approach. While it is true that a 757 needs more space than a Piper Warrior, they do not require 30nm to set up. Turbine aircraft don’t have problems with shock-cooling, so long, shallow approaches are not required from a powerplant standpoint. They also feature speedbrakes and multiple levels of flap selection to aid in slowing down (many jets are so clean they can’t “slow down and go down” at the same time without help).

As you can see, I’m leading you towards a certain line of thinking. I’ve been playing with a concept for the last few years in how to utilize airspace more efficiently that is based on steeper initial approaches to terminal areas. If it can be used by even a fraction of operators in the DFW area (namely the high speed jets going to Love), it would alleviate much of the congestion. Please take a look over at my other site, Semper Apollo for the full article. I also urge you to think of other solutions for this airspace issue and send your comments to the FAA. All those who have a vested interest in aviation need to make their voices heard and work together for a mutually beneficial resolution.

To understand more on how Class B is designed, AOPA has a good article on the subject. Of particular interest to our situation is the section on “Floor Of The Class B” and “dangerously compressed situations”.

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CWords Of Wisdom: Victory Smell (March 4, 2013)

Life is like underwear.

If you don’t change occasionally, things start to stink.

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CWords Of Wisdom: Forgotten (February 18, 2013)

Absence makes the heart grow amnesia.

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The End, Postponed

If the world doesn’t end today, what is the History Channel (sorry, I keep forgetting it’s just “History”) going to talk about for the next two years?


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CWords Of Wisdom: Fortune Teller (November, 13 2012)

When you predict the future 10 years out, you’re crazy.

When you predict the future 10 days out, you’re an analyst.

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CWords Of Wisdom: Perspective (October 7, 2012)

Don’t confuse what you want with what you think everybody else wants.

Step back.

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Form Follows Function

New article up on my personal training site. Semi-in depth look at why form is critical to getting the most out of your workout. Also random old stories of when I used to walk around with lifting straps on my wrists, completely convinced that at 5’11 and 180lbs, I was Conan The Undergraduate.

Tighten your core, set your back, annnnnnd read it!

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Jet (Up)Set

My biggest passion is aviation. I love it even more than photography, music and being right 97% of the time. I also enjoy creating lengthy treatises on topics near to my heart. As a result, I wrote this article to shed light on some design issues that keep reoccuring with small jet aircraft. Most people probably won’t be able to understand more than a couple sentences. Those who understand aviation will most likely be offended after a couple paragraphs. Comments are welcome but be advised, I keep 400 page aerospace textbooks next to my bed for light reading.

Read the article…there’s a lot of data and inside jokes.

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Natural Nukes

Since I haven’t left anything on the superweb interhighway for a month, here’s something to hold you over for the next month (or maybe less). Continue reading

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CWords Of Wisdom: Mode One Bravo (June 9, 2012)

You can’t get to orbit lugging empty tanks behind you.

Stand by for staging.

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CWords Of Wisdom: Synchronicity Part 3 (May 24, 2012)

When thinking and feeling are in sync, what you need is also what you want.

You’ll get it.

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CWords Of Wisdom: Burning Desire (March 22, 2012)

Spontaneity leads to combustion.

It pays to be cool.

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CWords Of Wisdom: Physics (February 10, 2012)

An object at rest tends to stay at rest.

This explains why it’s easier to be at the gym rather than gearing up to go to the gym.

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CWords Of Wisdom: Remembering (January 23, 2012)

Injuries are memories stored in the flesh.

It pays to forget.

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CWords Of Wisdom: Celebrity Baby Names (#1)

If you name your first kid Blue Ivy, by law your next one has to be named Red Rover.


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3 Questions To Ask Before Designing An Airplane

(This article is from my aviation page, Since the current site you’re on is called EverythingCW and flying is a major part of CW, I’m reposting it here. Yes I can do that).

What we’ll do in this series is ask the most important questions a designer should be asking before building an aircraft. To assist in the process, each time a question is asked, we’ll apply it to a group of fictional aircraft that are literally being made up as the articles are being written. This is to show that regardless of the powerplant, size or speed, the basics apply to every successful and safe aircraft. …continue reading and maybe you’ll fall in love with math again.
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CWords Of Wisdom: Shift Work Sleep Disorder (December 19, 2011)

If you think you have shift work sleep disorder…you don’t.

…5 things that can cure you with no side effects.

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I Have Thumbs For A Reason

Texting while driving is the new most dangerous thing to do while driving. When I was growing up, it was drinking alcohol. Our school had visits from Students Against Drunk Driving and police officers to enlighten us as to the dangers of deliberately impairing our judgment and then attempting to drive a vehicle. Point well taken, which is why I am always the designated driver whenever out with friends. Now the cellphone is taking its place at the top of the deadly pile. And it’s partly the fault of short-sighted and common-sense depleted cellphone manufacturers. The rest is our own individual short-sightedness. …this is where I start to offend everyone yet again.

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CWords Of Wisdom: Aye Aye Captain (December 8, 2011)

You are the captain of the ship known as your life, so command it accordingly. 5 things to remember while in the wheelhouse…

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…And The Whole Airport Smelled Like Poultry

This is how I spent the day before Thanksgiving…filming a turkey get cooked (at least partially) by an L-39 at max power at the Cold War Air Museum in Lancaster, TX. Next year the Mig-23 will be operational which means the bird will be blackened Soviet/Cajun-style. Is there any wonder why I like to spend time down there?

Starring in order of appearance: Lacy, Gareth, Larry, Mike and Brad.

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