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More Evening Flying


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Sunset: July 13, 2013

Two more reasons I like going up.

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Wings and Feet

What did I do this weekend? Looked at airplanes I can’t afford and ran a 5k like I knew what I was doing. Each event can be read about in light detail by clicking the links in the following summaries. … Continue reading

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TFR Wednesday

I understand the importance of protecting our leaders from things like hang gliders, model rockets and radio controlled airplanes. But isn’t this getting a little ridiculous? In case you are wondering, that’s a 60 nautical mile wide VIP Temporary Flight … Continue reading

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Dallas Skyline

One of these days we’ll do a city tour at 1700 feet but until then, enjoy this. Taken just north of I-635 looking south. Click for the full res image.

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Help Prevent Another Airspace Grab

All those in the North Texas aviation industry should be aware of the impending changes to the DFW class B airspace. Of most concern is the lowering of the class B to 2500 MSL over Addison airport. Currently, Addison’s class … Continue reading

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Jet (Up)Set

My biggest passion is aviation. I love it even more than photography, music and being right 97% of the time. I also enjoy creating lengthy treatises on topics near to my heart. As a result, I wrote this article to shed light on some … Continue reading

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3 Questions To Ask Before Designing An Airplane

(This article is from my aviation page, semperapollo.com. Since the current site you’re on is called EverythingCW and flying is a major part of CW, I’m reposting it here. Yes I can do that). What we’ll do in this series … Continue reading

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…And The Whole Airport Smelled Like Poultry

This is how I spent the day before Thanksgiving…filming a turkey get cooked (at least partially) by an L-39 at max power at the Cold War Air Museum in Lancaster, TX. Next year the Mig-23 will be operational which means … Continue reading

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Jet-Art: Part 1

  Last weekend I decided to do some creative work before helping to tow the Mig-23 back to Hangar 1. And by creative work, I mean standing outside in 103 degree heat and snapping photos.

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