Who Is This Guy?

I was born in a log cabin on a snowy day in the middle of the dead heat of summer. My parents raised me on a diet of classic literature and classic rock. I read every book in my hometown library and subsequently moved to a different town with books I hadn’t read yet.

Still not completely occupied, I took up saxophone because at that point in time, the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack and Kenny G were still popular. Eventually I also learned guitar, traded my Collective Soul album for Soundgarden’s Superunknown. Thus began my love affair with alternate tunings.

Still not absolutely totally occupied, I began building model airplanes and rocket engines from scratch. Today I’d be labeled a terrorist with all the chemicals that were being mixed in the kitchen, but back then, it was just science with one part excitement, one part stupidity and two parts blind luck that I didn’t blow up the house by accident. When model airplanes got too familiar, I moved up to flying real airplanes.

Did the whole college thing (still don’t know what the “experience” was supposed to be) and ended up personal training and doing videography. Even taught yoga for a while. In fact the only reason Justin Timberlake is such a good dancer is because I trained him 27 hours a day on flexibility. YOU’RE WELCOME LADIES.

Currently after a hiatus, I’m back to personal training with my own company, Perfect Fit. I’m also running a photographic arts company, Art & Science Photography. I have two other companies which are legally dormant but I own the names to. It may seem like a lot but it’s really not. Factor in the inventions and prototyping (the garage keeps getting smaller), the guitar lessons and live performances, aircraft design projects, songwriting and going to Sonic for happy hour, that’s when it gets a little busy. But I like busy.

I’m not a person who only does one thing. I literally will ignite if I am restricted. I just told you the truth (for the most part). But it doesn’t matter, nobody believes me anyway.
Things I like:

Aerospace engineering, orbital mechanics, music, composition, photography, video production, sound engineering, mopeds, geography, flying, pseudo-ballroom dancing, weightlifting, jogging, sunsets, meteorology, tai chi, cooking, stand-up comedy, reading, navigating without a gps, eating foods that are totally wrong but taste too good to turn down and oceanography.

See? I told ya I like sunsets.





T-shirts = Medium
Jeans = 30×34
Sneakers = 13

Now that you know my size, feel free to send me your promotional clothing which I’ll wear with pride.


4 Responses to Who Is This Guy?

  1. That is a pretty darn good sunset!

  2. genesismeranda says:

    Wait! I never saw the part about Justin Timberlake until now! Now I’m debating whether you are cooler or less cool than I originally thought. I’m going to go with more cool because of the terrorist label.

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